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A few years back, a deadly virus called the Slammer worm attacked a lot of SQL severs gaining access to millions of credit cards. Microsoft has been on the guard since then making efforts to create and develop software in better protection and security of our systems. The effort is bold and continuing in being dedicated to enhancing and preserving SQL server database security.

SQL means Structured Query Language is actually an essential element of modern database systems. It is a definition by which the ways to create, organize and manage databases on most platforms. SQL might sound complicated at first but its purpose is really quite simple but since it involves important data which needs to be private and protected, there are great efforts made to ensure better SQL server database security.

SQL has many different forms as well. The databases which make Oracle as foundation make use of PL/SQL while Microsoft SQL utilizes Transact-SQL. Though they are different in some ways, they are still based on the standard ANSI SQL. The ANSI compliant SQL commands usually works on almost all database systems of today and as with other data that needs protection, SQL server database security must be incorporated for safety against probable intrusions.

Communications and exchange of data from one computer utilizes and is made possible by the SQL system. Negligence to provide adequate protection has been proven to result in destructive outcomes like the virus earlier said which hit the world a few years back. Now at present date, companies from all over are giving more attention to their SQL server database security. The havoc that spread and caused severe damage before serves as a reminder of what can happen when a system becomes vulnerable to intrusions. A little know how on SQL might come in handy. It is also best to seek professional consultation about the SQL server database security of the system you are running for safety of your data and investments.
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