All topics about maintaining SQL Server from a DBA perspective.
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What exactly does a SQL Server Database Administrator do? First of all, Microsoft SQL Server is software that basely allows you to create SQL servers and create and host several robust and stable databases on those servers. SQL Server can accommodate both small and large databases ranging from just a few users accessing them to hundreds of users utilizing an application.

A SQL DBA is basically responsible for overseeing all aspects of database administration including: monitoring performance, documenting procedures and standards, tuning, architecture, and supporting new business processes. All in all, the job of a database administrator is to protect data.

This responsibility consists of tasks such as:

o Designing and implementing highly available production systems.
o Assisting in the definition and implementation of database standards
o Developing and maintaining existing databases based on standard specifications
o Installing and maintaining all database software.
o Managing all backups and recovery plans.
o Managing security
o Resolving performance issues, database capacity issues, replication, and other distributed data issues.
o Developing any necessary procedures, triggers, and scripts for development teams.
o Maintaining database changes from development to test to production.
o Monitoring databases for errors and perform problem determination when necessary.
o Responding quickly and effectively to production and development issues and taking responsibility for seeing those issues through resolution
o Designing & implementing data models and database designs into physical databases.
o Sharing knowledge by effectively documenting work

It's also extremely helpful for a DBA to have some knowledge and experience with SANs, operating systems and networking.

A successful database administrator will be able to protect, preserve, and recover your data by performing these tasks well.
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